Struggles and challenges of a Native American

“All these kids have given up. All your friends. All the bullies. And their mothers and fathers have given up, too. And their grandparents gave up and their grandparents before them. And me and every other teacher here”.(The Story of the Native Americans). This depicts that there are a lot of Native Americans that have problems and have given up on trying. What kind of challenges do Native American face today?

Native Americans lived in America 35,000 years before the Europeans came in 1492. At first the Indians welcomed them and wanted to share land and food with them. However, the Europeans wanted more land and started to drive the natives off their land. This made a big conflict and those who tried to oppose them were killed. A lot of the Indians died, but they died because of the diseases that the Europeans brought with them and not necessarily from fighting against them. Since a lot of the Native Americans died, the culture almost perished away, and if they continued to fight more of them would have died.

After being driven off their land, and having conflicts with other tribes, they were forced to live in reservations. The new settlers, wanted to take away the Native American culture, so they forbad practice of their culture and the Natives had to send their children away to boarding school, so that they could learn European traditions. Since there were a lot of children that got sent away, the Native American culture was even more damaged and there were fewer people that practiced it. In 1924, the Natives were given American citizenship, and they were able to have their own set of rules in the reservations.

Junior is in a situation where he has to choose between the tribe, and his future. He decides to got to a school outside of the reservation, because he will get a better education. This is because of his math teacher “Mr. P”, that encourages him to get out of the reservation where everybody else has given up, and Junior’s goal is to try and become successful.

Leaving the reservation is quite difficult for Junior. He thinks that the tribe will be disappointed in him and he says that they will probably torture him. He also leaves his best friend, Rowdy, who gives him a good bye gift, which is a black eye and a swollen nose. He also leaves behind his family, which makes him really sad, and he hopes that the tribe would forgive him for leaving.

Junior’s situation is quite typical for Native Americans today. They have to decide between living in the reservation and respecting their culture, however that leads to them living in poverty and not having a good education, or leave the reservation and get an education or a job. Having no job or education, leads to poverty. Because of poverty a lot of people misuse alcohol which leads to a lot of drunk people and an addiction to it, which affects the whole community.

Reservations do not have a lot of jobs, because there are not a lot of things to invest in or investors. They can invest in a casino, but that does not really represent the Natives. The land in the reservations is not good either, so it is hard for the Natives to grow food or grow a lot to make that be an income. The only way they can get out of poverty is to leave the reservation and work, which can make the Natives’ language and culture disappear.

Because of these struggles, there are a lot of challenges that Native Americans face everyday, such as alcoholism, choosing between tribe and future and more. However, these challenges can be solved and a lot of people are trying to solve it. Implementing a better educational system and getting more jobs in the reservations can fix it, but it will require a lot of help.


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Music Video/Analysis kinda

So I got a task to make a music video, and try to use pictures to illustrate the meaning of the song. I ended up choosing Bigbang’s “Loser”. The reason why i chose this song is because that melody and the composition does not fit the lyrics. The lyrics are real sad and destructive, but the melody is joyful so  you can bob your head to this song.

I hope i portrayed the songs meaning with the pictures well. I used some  of the pictures as puns like there is a part that goes “Everything is being ruined” and you will see ruins in the background.

Enjoy 🙂

Adventure Time: New York City

Oh why hello there


So our class (c class) and e class, traveled to NYC so I am going write my experience there. We were in NYC for about four days. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Manhatten, 6th Ave/Chelsea, 125 W 26th street. The rooms were not really big, but we were only sleeping there so it was alright. Expect the part were you could not lock your toilet door, or it might be that we were to stupid find out how to lock it.

We got breakfast at the hotel that was good, for like two days then boring. You could get egg, bacon, sausage, potatoes, some fruits and some pastries. Everything tasted good and all, but I got sick of it after two days. Because of that I ended up not eating breakfast the two next days.

So the first day Monday the 25th of April we went to the UN, which was pretty cool. Especially the art work they had there and the different kind of objects they got form different countries. An other cool thing was a UN stamp you could get on your passport, which is exclusive.

After that, we went to the “American Museum of Natural History”. We saw a movie about the galaxy and how there is a lot more to discover out there. After that we went and looked at dinosaurs. That was cool and all, nothing really exiting. Just dead dinosaurs would have been much more exiting if they were alive to be honest

After that we got some free time from 15.30 to 21.00, so about five hours and thirty minutes to random things. We went and shopped as every other tourist does I did not buy a lot so It was kind of a bummer.

Next day Tuesday the 26th of April we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. It was pretty interesting to get to know all the details about what happened and how that affected the country. It was quit interesting.

We went to the Statue of Liberty after that, we did not go inside of the statue which is quite sad, but we went around it and enjoyed the view from the island.

We also went to Ellis Island, when we arrived there we watched a documentary straight away, that explained how people had it when they emigrated to the US, and all the hardships that they went trough, we did not watch the rest of the museum because it was like thirty minutes until it closed after we watched that documentary. Neither the less it was quite interesting.

We were supposed to walk the Brooklyn bridge, but since the weather was bad we did not walk over the bridge and we got free time form five to nine. Nine a clock was our curfew so it was until nine a clock everyday. And again we went shopping I actually bought some clothes this time and was pretty happy about it.

Wednesday the 27th we went to the Bronx Zoo and saw a bunch of animals. It was really crowded because of spring break so it was kind of stressful in a way, but the guide we had was really cool and explained a lot. We then headed to Central Park and were there for like thirty minutes. Some of us stayed I think, but I left. We had free time from that time.  I did not buy anything because I got a headache and decided to head back to the hotel.

Thursday the 28th the last day we decided to go on a Mafia-tour. The tour guide explained how big the mafia was and how much impact they had on US, which was really cool to know, because of the Mafia movies out there. After that we got free time. Me and a other student went trough Chinatown and Little Italy, because she wanted to got to a store.

Because of time limit I decided to head to Korea Town. As a person that listens to K-pop and likes food. I Spent like two hours there just roaming and buying random things. I bought four albums and some skin care products. I also bought lunch, some spicy ddeokbokki and some kimbap. After that I found my friends again and we decided to eat some Korean food.

We went to a Korean-bbq restaurant, but ended up buying bibimbap instead, because we decided to go for something random. Either way that was really good, at least in my opinion. Then we headed to the airport and went home.

The trip was fun and all, but I wish we had more time. Since we had to be three people together we really could not do what we wanted to. Which was a bummer for me, but I understand why we had to.


Ellis Island: Questions

Why did people leave Southern and Eastern Europe?

The immigration history i American can be viewed as four epochs: the colonial period, the mid-19th century, the start of the 20th century, and post-1965. The biggest immigration period was in the start of the 20th century. Most of them were from southern and eastern Europe, some from northern Europe, but not as many. The reason for the high influx of people, was because of poverty and unemployment in Europe. Some immigrated to America because of persecution for political reasons, being a minority group, being gay or other reasons

What were conditions like in steerage?

The word steerage means the lowest part of a ship deck, but it can also be used to describe the cheapest deck where people stayed. It was especially used in the immigration period in the early 20th century. People who had little money and wanted to travel to America usually ended up here. The conditions in the steerage was bad. A bunch of people were flocked up together in a place with almost no space. When you could afford to travel in the steerage you would also get pretty bad and litte food.

Why did the steamship companies crowd so many people into steerage?

The reasoning for people being flocked up in a little space is because money. The steamship owners only cared about money and did not care about the people. So they proceeded to fill the steerage almost to the point where there was no air left. They were basically treated like animals.

Why was Ellis Island so frightening?

Ellis Island was frightening to a lot of people because you would not know, if you would make it to the land of dreams or that you would be sent back to you’re country. You also had the feeling of “Yet so close, yet so far” you were so close to realizing you’re dreams, but the Island stopped you. Poor people the traveled to America usually sold everything they owned to be able to travel and if you were to be sent back, you would literally have nothing left.

Why did people have to have money?

People needed to have money to be able to get on the steamboat, but America did not want people that had no money or could contribute to the society there, so money was an important thing for traveling to the country. It was also an important thing thing to the people that went there, the whole reason for them to travel a cross the Atlantic Ocean was to get more money.

Human Characteristics: To What Extent Can We Learn From Psychopaths?

First off, you have to answer this question:

  • There is a train going at full speed. It is going towards a group of people. Exactly 5 people. Press the button and it will not kill them, but the train will then change track towards one person and kill that person. What will you do?

This question was presented by the late philosopher Philippa Foot

Now back to the thesis. Human Characteristics: To What Extent Can We Learn From Psychopaths?  Before I try to figure out if we can learn anything from psychopaths I will first go through the agenda.



First the question #1 after that, an simple explanation about what a psychopath is, and then going into depth on what we can learn from them like happiness and success. The two last things on the agenda is another question #2 and then the conclusion.


So what is a psychopath?.



A good example of a cannibalistic psychopath is the fictional character Hannibal Lecter.                                                

Well a psychopath is basically a person with a personality disorder. They are usually antisocial, not like an introvert or in a extrovert manner, but that they tend to go against social norms. For example doing something illegal.

The reason why they tend to be antisocial is because it is like a characteristic to them. They are ruthless, fearless, focus, charisma, coolheaded under pressure and they have a special charm to them. All these characteristics makes a psychopath.

All lot of people think that a person is either psychopath or not, and that there is no middle ground, but there is. Psychopaths normally have no empathy, but you can train you’re self to be able to have a conscious empathy, and that basically means that you can control when to feel emotion (does not include pain).


How can a psychopath possibly learn you to be happy, when they are not empathetic? This is where the conscious empathy comes in. By learning some of the characteristics that psychopaths have, we normal people can actually learn to be happier.

We all have heard Nike’s slogan, “Just do it”. Not a lot of people actually know that the slogan is inspired from a psychopath called Gary Gilmore. The thing about psychopaths is that they are fearless, which makes them do things normal people would not do or would be to afraid to do.

An example is that we might want to ask our boss for a raise, but we would be afraid to ask, because he might declined. A person with the characteristic of fearless would have not hesitated at all. An other example is to ask out the girl you like, but you do not because you are afraid that she will say no.

A other thing psychopaths are able to is to live in the moment. By being fearless and focused, they are able to forget about things in the past and focus on the present and the future. People normally think about things they have done in the past, that has had an negativ effect on them or other people. Like not helping someone out, when you could have.

This might seem impossible to be able to achieve without having those characteristics, but monks actually have the same mentality when meditating. When meditating they become more focused and have an increased rationality.

Being able to take away emotion from actions, will make a person be able to do things without putting feelings in to it. A lot of people procrastinate, which is really bad. It takes away your ability to be able to do work, but taking away emotion will make it really easy to do the work.


How can psychopaths be successful, when they are so violent?. Well a lot of people do not know that not all psychopaths are actually violent, but a lot of them are just like normal people and not aggressiv at all.







A lot of successful people actually have similar traits to psychopaths. If we think about it the world is actually run by a bunch of psychopaths. World leaders are charismatic and has a charm, that makes them seem different from others. Surgeons are fearless, calm under pressure and are very focused.

This is something I call a psychopath mix. Which basically means that to be able to use the characteristics that are similar to psychopaths. One will need to have some of the characteristics turned down while some are fully engaged.

If all of the characteristics are turned up, you will basically have a psychopath. When some are turned down and tuned to fit what you want, you will have someone that is better at for example being a surgeon then the rest. A surgeon that is basically a cut above the others.

Question #2

  • Same scenario, but you are standing on a bridge and instead of pressing a button you will have to push a person on to the track. What will you do?

This was question was first presented by the philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson

So the second question would be harder to actually answer. The reason to why the second question is harder to answer is because it is more personal. When it is more personal, the core center of empathy, also known as the hot part of empathy is used.

The first question however uses the cold part of empathy. The cold basically decides reasoning for things and is a part of rational thought. The question in it self is impersonal because you are not physically pushing a person over to his/her death.


There is a lot we can learn from psychopaths, specifically regarding emotion, characteristics, success and happiness. By looking into how psychopaths thinks we can learn about small things that can make us happier or successful, which is interesting when a lot of people think that psychopaths are violent and scary.









The SSD of America


Silicon Valley is associated with boobs, and since it is California it will make people think about that. The real meaning of Silicon Valley is actually because of the” Silicon Chip”. It is referred to it by the large number of Silicon chips that was produced there.

Silicon Valley is basically a valley. Located west of America in California. However, it is not an actual city. A lot of the most promising and well know companies reside here. “Facebook”,” Yahoo”,” Google” and a lot of other companies have their headquarters here. Because of the popularity, the price to live there is extremely high. A lot of houses go for around a million dollars or above.

Since there is a lot of wealthy people that live there, one might think that everybody flaunts over their wealth, but they actually do not. The majority do not like to show off their money, but rather just keep it normal and not in the “bling” side of things. Even though one might find a parking lot full of Teslas parked outside “Google” they will not show off so much.

It is not only because of the big companies that reside here, but also because of the university. Standford is one of the most known schools out there. So it is not only home for the working talent, but also for the up and coming new talent. Schools in general are really good in that area. Since there is a lot of innovators in that area, which signifies that there are a lot of smart people there. Will make it so that there is a lot of competition in schools. Because of the pressure they get from needing to get better grades



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Video games: a sport or just a hobby?

Video games have been around since the 1970s. It was something people did to just relax and have fun, especially students that had a lot of work at school and wanted to relax. Since 1970 games have changed a lot. Even if games were made a while back, competitive gaming has always been a part of video games. It even has its own word, eSports.

Traditional sports are defined as activates, which are things you do that enhances your ability in different things, like speed, endurance, strength and strategic thinking. When a person says that they are doing a sport, the first thing that to your mind is that they are healthy and fit. So how could games possibly give you those enhancements?

Calling video games a sport is like saying that eating food is a sport. It does not require any skill or form of practice, to be able to play in a competitive environment. They do not need any athletic skills or any mental prowess. They just sit in front of a computer screen’s and are just making themselves lose brain cells and get a bad eyesight. Calling video games, a sport is just insulting real athletes. People who say that it is a sport are just lazy. The point of doing a sport is to get in a better shape and be healthy.

They are not bettering themselves at all by playing videogames. The only things they are doing is pressing buttons, and the one that presses the buttons faster is the winner. They are just enhancing their ability to press buttons that will not help them in life. Teenagers sitting inside a room filled with ten others that are playing video games and calling that a sport, is just not right. Sports is all about going outside and going out of breath. Smashing buttons and sitting inside is not a sport and it will not be, that is what a lot of people say.

Whereas you might not be so active and move a lot, video games actually need you to be both mentally and psychically strong. Scientists have actually found out that games give you a lot of mental prowess. It makes you a better strategic thinker and you develop a reaction time that is on par with “real” athletes. Saying that playing games makes you loose brain cells is actually something people say, there is no proof of people actually becoming dumber, but there is proof of people being better in mentally tensing tasks than those who do not play games.

Athletes that play games in a competitive environment actually have it more difficult then “real” athletes. They sit inside for more then fifteen hours a day, trying to become better. To be really good at a game they need to put in those hours, they need to learn how their opponents play, how their team can be better what they should play and even what kind of strategy they should use against them. Chess is a sport so why is gaming not a sport?

Sports and eSport are really similar. In esports it is even common to have analysts, coaches and even staff to take care of those who play. The gaming industry is even bigger then the music and the movie industry. There are a lot of fans, so many that it can even fill up a football stadium and even if it is full in those stadiums, it gets broadcasted all around the world and almost over one million people enjoy it. So why can it not be a sport?

Should video gaming be considered a sport?

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Where is Engrish spoken?

Engrish is spoken in East Asia and the term, means that it is a corruptive or a misuse way to pronounce and write English. The term the self is more related to Japan, because of their problem to differentiate L and R. There is no real statistic on how many people that knows English in Japan. But the TOEIC test which stands for Test Of English for International Communication. The test says that in 2003 there were about 1.5 million that took the test and in 2013 there were about 2.27 million, so there is an increasing number of people that know English in Japan.

Why do they speak Engrish?

They speak Engrish in Japan, because of new sounds. They use the same 5 vowels as we in the west do, but they do not have the 20+ vowels we use when we pronounce words. They also use consonant-vowels which is a consonant with a vowel so for example ka, shi, tsu. Each one of them have a vowel ka has the vowel a, shi has the vowel i while tsu has the vowel u. The reason for that is “Katakana English” which is basically how the japanese write foreign language on their native language or in their character writing which is Kanji and Hiragana. When they translate the words over, they do not get the pronunciation with, and that leads to Engrish. In school they have standardized test which is basically grammer tests and just translating words and sentences and not practicing how to pronounce words


Since they have consonant-vowels words like wife gets changed. The words itself gets an extra sound to it, wife turns in to waifu. The reason for that is that they do not have an f, and the only way to write an f is to use the consonant vowel. Other examples of this is news which turns in to nyuusu, rocket turns in to roketto. The most known characteristics in Engrish is the the difficulty they have to differentiate between l and r. Examples of that is hello turns into herro, rabbit turns into labbit, three into thlee and the th into sz.

Grammer and vocabulary

“Today is under construction. Thank, you for understanding”. This sentence came from a sign in the famous tourist attraction Nijo Castle. The real meaning behind the sentence is that the waterfall in the castle is under maintenance. The reason for why sentence became that way, is because maintenance and construction in Japanese is pretty similar. So the person or the translation program mixed those two. “A winner is you” you can find that sentence in a lot of early Japanese games, and was the first reason why the west got to know that Japan had Engrish. “In Case of Emergency Brake this Wall to Escape” when you first read it, it will sound like you are supposed to destroy the wall to escape, but you actually how to stop the wall to escape.

Now some sentences that will describe Engrish in a nutshell. ” This freezer is out of control”. If you are stolen, call the police at once”. ” Put the chewing gum eats for myself in the garbage box surely oneself. Do not vomit to the floor, never throw away, never join to the stage and never rub against the wall”. “Don’t Waste Wastes”. Lifts to Someplace Else”


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