The SSD of America


Silicon Valley is associated with boobs, and since it is California it will make people think about that. The real meaning of Silicon Valley is actually because of the” Silicon Chip”. It is referred to it by the large number of Silicon chips that was produced there.

Silicon Valley is basically a valley. Located west of America in California. However, it is not an actual city. A lot of the most promising and well know companies reside here. “Facebook”,” Yahoo”,” Google” and a lot of other companies have their headquarters here. Because of the popularity, the price to live there is extremely high. A lot of houses go for around a million dollars or above.

Since there is a lot of wealthy people that live there, one might think that everybody flaunts over their wealth, but they actually do not. The majority do not like to show off their money, but rather just keep it normal and not in the “bling” side of things. Even though one might find a parking lot full of Teslas parked outside “Google” they will not show off so much.

It is not only because of the big companies that reside here, but also because of the university. Standford is one of the most known schools out there. So it is not only home for the working talent, but also for the up and coming new talent. Schools in general are really good in that area. Since there is a lot of innovators in that area, which signifies that there are a lot of smart people there. Will make it so that there is a lot of competition in schools. Because of the pressure they get from needing to get better grades



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