Video games: a sport or just a hobby?

Video games have been around since the 1970s. It was something people did to just relax and have fun, especially students that had a lot of work at school and wanted to relax. Since 1970 games have changed a lot. Even if games were made a while back, competitive gaming has always been a part of video games. It even has its own word, eSports.

Traditional sports are defined as activates, which are things you do that enhances your ability in different things, like speed, endurance, strength and strategic thinking. When a person says that they are doing a sport, the first thing that to your mind is that they are healthy and fit. So how could games possibly give you those enhancements?

Calling video games a sport is like saying that eating food is a sport. It does not require any skill or form of practice, to be able to play in a competitive environment. They do not need any athletic skills or any mental prowess. They just sit in front of a computer screen’s and are just making themselves lose brain cells and get a bad eyesight. Calling video games, a sport is just insulting real athletes. People who say that it is a sport are just lazy. The point of doing a sport is to get in a better shape and be healthy.

They are not bettering themselves at all by playing videogames. The only things they are doing is pressing buttons, and the one that presses the buttons faster is the winner. They are just enhancing their ability to press buttons that will not help them in life. Teenagers sitting inside a room filled with ten others that are playing video games and calling that a sport, is just not right. Sports is all about going outside and going out of breath. Smashing buttons and sitting inside is not a sport and it will not be, that is what a lot of people say.

Whereas you might not be so active and move a lot, video games actually need you to be both mentally and psychically strong. Scientists have actually found out that games give you a lot of mental prowess. It makes you a better strategic thinker and you develop a reaction time that is on par with “real” athletes. Saying that playing games makes you loose brain cells is actually something people say, there is no proof of people actually becoming dumber, but there is proof of people being better in mentally tensing tasks than those who do not play games.

Athletes that play games in a competitive environment actually have it more difficult then “real” athletes. They sit inside for more then fifteen hours a day, trying to become better. To be really good at a game they need to put in those hours, they need to learn how their opponents play, how their team can be better what they should play and even what kind of strategy they should use against them. Chess is a sport so why is gaming not a sport?

Sports and eSport are really similar. In esports it is even common to have analysts, coaches and even staff to take care of those who play. The gaming industry is even bigger then the music and the movie industry. There are a lot of fans, so many that it can even fill up a football stadium and even if it is full in those stadiums, it gets broadcasted all around the world and almost over one million people enjoy it. So why can it not be a sport?

Should video gaming be considered a sport?

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